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2 min readMay 25, 2022


Imagine working with an all-in-one business operating system that is efficient, connectable to your existing workflows, and gives you detailed information about the business activities.

It is insane how much time we spend on searching to find the right contact person, project, or deal. Every millisecond is precious, the time you lose by needing to register and process daily activities in multiple applications is inefficient.

When you have a bunch of workload, you want to make it easier to determine where the focus should be placed. With the right tools, you will save yourself time and effort to enable engagement in activities that produce immediate results.

Vimdesk is a professional API-based tool that is applicable for any type of business. By having a crystal clear overview of all the essential activities, your work can be managed more easily. Manage finance, relations, projects, and other essential parts of the company with our all-in-one software.

This is a need and a must for every type of company to not lose precious energy that you already have put into your work and of course, keeping track of all daily activities.

Our mission is to help businesses all around the world to work with enthusiasm and accomplish as many activities as possible. Work should be fun and effective every time you sit behind your desk to get the most out of your day.

Saving time and getting work done increases result-drivenness, this ensures that workers spend their working hours with positivity and a great sense of involvement.

Ultimately this is great for companies and for the growth of your business.

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“ CEO, Anthony Syams once said: VIM UP YOUR DESK “



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