Transparency strengthens sustainability.

According to the results of a yearly exercise of screening websites to identify breaches in online markets purposes, the EU Commission, and national consumer authorities had a reason to believe that in 42% of cases the claims were exaggerated, deceptive, or false. The claims included vague and general statements such as “conscious”, “eco-friendly”, “sustainable”, which aimed to convey the unsubstantiated impression to end users that the items had no negative impact on the environment. They could qualify as unfair marketing purposes under the EU rules.

“More and more people want to live a green life, and I applaud companies that strive to produce eco-friendly products or services. However, there are also unscrupulous traders out there, who pull the wool over consumers’ eyes with vague, false, or exaggerated claims. The Commission is fully committed to empowering consumers in the green transition and fighting greenwashing. — Didier Reynders, Commissioner for Justice.

Transparency is a necessary first step for holding companies to account for their impacts. Without transparency, achieving a sustainable, accountable, and fair industry is impossible. The finding of this sweep will feed into the impact assessment to be prepared for the new legislative proposal. In order to empower consumers to make informed, healthy, and sustainable choices, information about the supply chain, business practices, and their associated impacts on workers, communities, and the environment needs to be shared.

Creating impact and increasing sustainability has a huge priority. We are determined to gather and sort data around any product from resource until reuse and everything in between. — Anthony Syams, CEO of COTIT.

The COTIT 360° solution is the best way to build a trustworthy process between companies, suppliers, and customers. Because a transparent supply chain can project the identity of businesses that is upfront, and fair about their operations and therefore qualified for the green EU legislation. This is how the trader can provide sufficient information for every participant to judge the claim’s accuracy. And this is how society, as the end user, can increase product awareness by following the product’s lifecycle data that makes items easily to be traced, returned, or where possible recycled.



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COTIT - Inspiring Industries

COTIT - Inspiring Industries


We’re committed to inspiring industries to improve constantly by making life cycle data visible. We envision a transparent world.