Rise of COTIT 360°


COTIT was founded with the goal of making the product life cycle data visible and accessible to increase product awareness with a unique software architecture that makes business, supply chain, and product usage traceable. The fundamentals of the COTIT 360° solution are based on experience, research, and our creative mindset.

We invented a way that combines sustainable methods and modern technology to change every industry drastically and meets all of the proposed EU legislation that will benefit society, the economy, and the environment.

The COTIT 360° technology is the best way to build a trustworthy process between companies, suppliers, and customers. It is developed with an API-based interoperable format and can be structured, searchable, and machine-readable. Our solution is to encourage sustainability, standardize best practices for production, control the supply chain, reduction in the risk of defects, and it will show product usage behavior that brings opportunities to target consumers on a personal level by ensuring how to quickly repair, upgrade, and maintain products. As a pioneer in product traceability, we empower end-users to make an informed choice when purchasing.

With six years of building COTIT, we accomplished many development projects, supply chain- and Sales & Marketing activities. We gained valuable experience and knowledge that enables us to move strong heading toward our purpose. And as the New Year begins, we will take the necessary next steps to champion our future. The way to have the best year yet is to be intentional with everything we do.

Ready to succeed with COTIT 360°? From understanding the value chain and its stakeholders to collecting reliable information and passing it on to consumers. Our White Paper and Pitch Deck expose all the challenges of traceability, Market Analysis, Go-To-Market Plan, our Advisory Board, and obviously the solutions available to assist the industry with its responsible transformation. Let’s synergize our efforts and forge collective strategies for the common good. Download our Whitepaper and Pitchdeck.

Excited about how the rise of COTIT 360 will evolve in 2023?! Stay tuned!



COTIT - Inspiring Industries

We’re committed to inspiring industries to improve constantly by making life cycle data visible. We envision a transparent world.