Reporting on sustainability policy and performance in 2024

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2 min readAug 1, 2022

From 2024, companies will be obliged to report on the sustainability policy and to take responsibility for all links in the chain according to the new EU regulatory legislation. Information such as the environmental and social impact of business activities must be made accessible and transparent. The goal of this is to work towards a transparent and sustainable economy.

“Many companies still take irresponsible risks in their supply chain. This is the result of an economy where people and the environment are not central, but which is unilaterally geared to profit, with small buffers and complex supply chains.”

This new law wants companies in the EU to operate with the protection of people and the environment. If damage is still incurred, you as a company are held responsible for repairing this damage.

“No company is out to cause damage. What companies do want is the legal certainty that doing the right thing will not put them at a disadvantage.”

For many companies, this means they need to get started quickly to be ready to meet this obligation before 2024.

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