Looking for companies that would like to be a very early adopter of the COTIT 360° solution

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4 min readSep 13, 2022


We get great compliments on the system we’ve developed, and many people have started to see the enormous potential of our project. However, we are fully aware that it is not on them or even on us to tell the world what kind of great solution we built.

Eventually, it needs to be the companies that are using the COTIT 360° Solution that will prove that we made one heck of a solution and that we’ve solved many of their issues and opened up pandora’s box with some incredible new possibilities.
It is just how it works. When people/companies know how something works, they realize they need it, but when it is still unfamiliar, it is hard for them to understand if they need it.

Society has seen so many innovations that it becomes hard to see which one is valuable and which one is just nice to have. And then, with some excellent marketing strategy, the nice to haves are becoming something essential and ultimately valuable in the eyes of the beholder.

We at COTIT consider ourselves to be the needle in the haystack. Although we work hard to shine through, the sun is not always shining; we also need to position ourselves somewhere visible, which is challenging but, at the same time, exciting.
Still, we believe we need just one sharp eye to see us shine, and the rest will become history.

Yes, we are confident and aware of what we can and will solve. And it is pretty apparent every solution that we have encountered stops at a certain point. If we are looking at tracing the product life cycle, or the entire supply chain cycle, the circle is rarely round. How can we talk about a cycle if it is not round?
We get questions like, yeah, but what can you do with all that product data? Well, nothing if you keep it in the fridge. But if you make it accessible and, more importantly, visible, we can solve many challenges this world faces.

Although we are industry neutral, we need to start somewhere, and since we have done our R&D phase in the fashion industry, we have made a demo for a fashion brand. In the video below, there is a quick explanation of how we can implement the COTIT 360° Solution for a fashion brand.

We noticed that many big brands are playing around with RFID and QR in their items. But to be honest, what a waste of tech. In our minds goes, these brands earn billions, have all the capacity, can hire the most experienced people, and have all the money in the world. But still don’t come up with an exclusive and great solution.

It is a compliment to ourselves that we come up with something much more advanced, but come on big brand. Where is your creativity?

Apparently, we need to show the world how it needs to be done. And therefore, we are looking for one or two fashion brands as early adopters.

Following our road map, we are accepting ten pilot projects. We filled 4/10 and are still looking for six more awesome complex projects to solve. So besides that, we will innovate and inspire these organizations. It is also a very exclusive opportunity.

Photo by Cytonn Photography on Unsplash

So to be extra clear on of the few things we’ll do:

  • Make the product life cycle traceable on three crucial parts: Supply Chain Traceability, Business Operation Traceability, and Consumer/User Traceability.
  • Stack your business with practical digital tools that make your operation more efficient. CRM, ERP, Project management, Accounting, and possibly more (depending on the process) will be implemented or integrated.
  • Make every product unit unique on its own, which enables you to identify every unit separately and create storytelling around it.
  • Customer Loyalty Programs connect to your core system to gather more specific data from your customers and product usage.

And so much more opportunities that we would need to discover together.

In conclusion, we have practiced some magic over the past years and now looking to show that our magic is incredible to precisely ten organizations.

What will happen after these ten pilot projects???

Well, stay tuned and follow our journey! Thanks for reading….



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