Fundamental changes suppose to hurt, but it’s for the better.

Moving towards a vision.

For those unfamiliar with our business, since 2016, COTIT’s mission has been to disrupt the Fashion Industry. Because we didn’t have any experience in the industry, we decided to gain experience by being commercially active in fashion. While we grew our business mainly doing intermediation of production inquiries, we continually built solutions to improve various workflows and processes within the Fashion industry. Firstly, for ourselves to manage more work with fewer people until we realized that other fashion businesses could also benefit from our solution.

Photo by Elisa Ventur on Unsplash

The problems we face inspire us to find suitable solutions for the future.

Funny enough, most of our problems have brought us exactly where we needed to be. If it wasn’t for the many challenges we faced, we could never have come up with our unique COTIT 360° Solution, and we would never be able to grow in experience, knowledge, and skillsets as fast as we did over the last few years.

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Changing the Fundamentals

The decision to change our business model was easy to make after experiencing many setbacks in our previous model. Little did we know that every change you make comes with unforeseen issues and new dilemmas.

Photo by ALAN DE LA CRUZ on Unsplash

All things eventually come together.

Although our team moves flexibly, fast, and strategically, it’s not easy to change the entire business model without casualties. We dealt with lost investments, irrelevant employees, and customers who didn’t fit the company anymore.

Inspiring Industries



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COTIT - Inspiring Industries

COTIT - Inspiring Industries

We’re committed to inspiring industries to improve constantly by making life cycle data visible. We envision a transparent world.