This scheme aims to empower consumers for the green transition, make sustainable items the standard in Europe, and boost circular business models. The EU Commission is working on a package of European Green Deal proposals and will constantly set out requirements for each product group. The Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation has been the foundation of its approach to more circular products since its introduction in March 2021.

The ESPR addresses product design, which controls up to 80% of a product’s lifecycle environmental impact. The framework will allow sets of requirements to make physical goods more reparable, reliable, reusable, upgradable, durable, maintainable, refurbish, recyclable, energy, and resource-efficient that preserves the EU Single Market, competition, and innovation, across the board. In addition, product-specific information qualification will ensure consumers know the environmental impacts of their purchases.

“European consumers rightly expect more environment-friendly and longer-lasting products. More sustainability and resource efficiency also mean more resilience when a crisis disrupts our industrial supply chains. By harnessing the potential of the Single Market, making the most of digital tools, and improving market surveillance, we will maximize opportunities for businesses and consumers alike. Greater resource and energy efficiency in the construction and textile sectors, in particular, will generate highly skilled jobs across Europe.” — Commissioner for the Internal Market Thierry Breton.

Ensuring that requirements and standards are implemented in a harmonized way is key. We’re able to prepare your organization for this legislation. With the COTIT 360° solution, companies can streamline their traceability processes, meet EU regulations, and improve their overall business efficiency. By providing a comprehensive, end-to-end solution, our system is designed to help companies achieve success in the future of traceability.

“It’s time to end the model of ‘take, make, break, and throw away’ that is so harmful to our planet, our health, and our economy.” — Executive Vice-President for the European Green Deal Frans Timmermans.




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