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5 min readAug 24, 2022


Six years ago two founders started with a vision to make an impact on a global scale. Two professionals that have proven to be incredible in their field of work, combined forces and started building from scratch.

Zero resources, zero funds, and minimal experience in building a new venture. Just hustle and grind mentality, an enormous vision, and ballsy moves that put us in situations, where there is only one way to go and that is UP.
Where most people would think things through, they just jumped in deep waters and learned to swim quickly. The risk? Mentally drowning, but their idea was if it doesn’t harm you physically, then at least there is always a way out.

Exact in the same way is how the founders started to expand the team, onboarding interns and young people with minimal experience. The indicators to hire new members were, that they needed passion and drive. Experience, knowledge, and skills were something they would learn by being challenged with more difficult cases. Soon enough situations will expose when someone will mentally drown or start swimming.

Both founders of COTIT are school dropouts and found their ways by constantly challenging themselves to improve and become better at what they do. They couldn’t lean on high grades, impressive graduations, fancy titles, or being known by a famous brand or person. Just hard work and being able to deliver.
It would be hypocritical if the hiring criteria would be based on impressive graduations and tons of experience. Although, of course, these things can be helpful to get some feeling of someone’s capacity. But definitely not a crucial part at COTIT.

CEO, Anthony Syams mentioned “that the best people you can find are those that have gone through hell in their lives and started to make a change and turn around the wheel 180° degrees.” The idea behind it is that these people understand the value of life and are willing to walk another extra mile to reach their goals because they went through so much. “A team built with such a mindset is invincible”, Anthony believes.

At COTIT we amusingly compare ourselves with the Avengers, all having special abilities to bring change to this world.

Painting at the COTIT office

In this world where people love to blow themselves up with fancy titles and impressive experiences, it gets difficult to find people that are willing to believe in a cause that is greater than them and outperform themselves for the sake of this cause. At COTIT there is no hierarchy, yes we have a leader our CEO that envisions the feature, but the Lead Developer Jabir that lives very in the present of what is possible now is just as important. Our Business Charmer Aisha, that perhaps does not always have new ideas herself about how to improve our services, does know how to open doors to speak with potential partners, customers, investors etc. which helps us eventually get the feedback we are looking for. And she is just as important as anyone else.
Luckily, everyone has flaws, that’s why we understand you need a team with a great dynamic. The Avengers didn’t win the Infinity War, because of only one of the members.

Unfortunately in corporate life, it looks like the superhero behind all success is the founder. And that’s one of the things we can solve even with our COTIT 360° solution.
Every member can get appreciated if just the specific task is being identified and tagged with a name and a face. Everyone can be responsible and anyone can be the reason for a specific success.

Data is King, but if the data is hidden by the Corporate Giant, we still can not fully utilize its potential.
At COTIT we believe in making data traceable and eventually transparent. The reason we believe that not everything will be transparent immediately is because we believe the world is not ready to fully give up its secrets. It needs time to accept that it will be our future reality and the smaller and upcoming organizations are the ones that will make that example.

It’s highly important to start to make things traceable, so organizations get the chance to improve their processes and find ways to use natural resources more efficiently and more responsibly. In our perception, it shouldn’t be all too difficult theoretically but practically is a whole different story.
Through our desk research, we have found that there are some quick wins we could gain if we would just equip manufacturers, distributors, and other parties within the supply chain with digital tools. Tools that should be very easy to use in every part of the world, considering that most people in the world possess already a smartphone or some form of computing. But unfortunately, the numbers show that there are still too many companies not using any operational digital tools, that could help them gain visibility.

a slide out of the COTIT pitch deck

To us, as a company and a team, it’s pretty clear where we will need to head as a society. And it comes back to not underestimate the power of the little man, with the little company and the little ability. To put trust in the unknown ones, because every famous person or company was unknown before they were famous. With the help of our COTIT 360° solution, we can identify every step in the process and connect it to a metric, a person, an activity, a timestamp, a location, etc. From there product awareness and appreciation of employment can grow as we use facts as our measuring point

Value is misinterpreted nowadays and is filled with deception, misunderstanding, and preconceptions. That’s why we at COTIT like to do things differently and prove on every level that nothing is as obvious as people might think.
We grow our value each day and are convinced that the masses will accept our value any time in the near future. So our advice, don’t sleep on us and start following our channels and movements!

Stay blessed!



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