A data-driven solution that brings transparency to every fashion item made in the world

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3 min readApr 14, 2022


Changing the future means that you will have to change your perspective on things and be open to pursuing new approaches. Recently this has been one of the critical strategies of the fashion-tech company COTIT.

With a brand new website, new product portfolio, and a whole different approach, COTIT is ready to disrupt the fashion industry with its COTIT 360° solution. A data-driven solution that brings transparency to every fashion item made globally and makes each process traceable to understand and improve.

Many foundations and companies have tried to establish a more sustainable and fair way of doing business. Many of them failed, some of them bring actual value to the fashion industry, but still, it seems unclear what the impact is and which improvements are achieved. That is one of the main reasons COTIT has changed its focus to building a transparency system.

Like many other initiatives currently working on transparent solutions, the Dutch Fashion-Tech company uses blockchain technology to ensure all data is stored securely and future-proof for all the creative ideas that COTIT will work on in the coming years.

The huge difference within COTIT is that the company was never about the beautiful words around its vision and constantly looking for funding to achieve its mission or briefly said “selling the idea only.” Constantly pushing itself as a company to move forward to a better future, find the problems at its core, and actively look for the questions and answers that create impact. COTIT has worked from scratch without any funding and gained experience by doing all the actual work that companies in the fashion industry are doing.

After almost six years of being active in the industry, the Fashion-Tech company has developed a revolutionary mechanism that would need to enable companies in the industry and its workers to work more fairly and more sustainably. While considering the risks around corruption and false information,

The Dutch innovator is proud to work on its unique COTIT 360° Solution that should cover many of the industry’s problems and enable “future” game-changers to build implications on top of that.

The COTIT 360° Solution currently is divided into three different applications; VimDesk, NeoLink, and ViaTag. Each plays a specific role in the mission to achieve.

Finally, the road to ‘Fashion’s Bright Future’ has launched for COTIT; as CEO Anthony Syams said, “Society is already getting ready to be more transparent and increasingly making more conscious choices. The solution we are building is inevitable; It’s either us building it or others, as long as businesses take responsibility and are open about it.”



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